Nicole Dorsey signed to Eskimo Roster!

Bi-coastal creative studio Eskimo has strengthened its directorial roster with the addition of indie-bred filmmaker, Nicole Dorsey. 

The Toronto native brings a multi-faceted skillset to Eskimo, having not only worked on short and long-form films, but commercials for the likes of Arla, Nike, Nestle and Kashi. Dorsey, whose love for the lens traces back to her early days cutting 16-millimeter film by hand, has kept busy for the better part of a decade, bringing her unique vision to not just commercials but festival films such as Dennis, short-form efforts like Star Princess and Ivadelle, as well as her recent feature-length screenplay with Vancouver workshop, Women in the Director’s Chair. Adding to her prolific reputation, writer/director Dorsey has also co-created a half-hour series that’s currently in development called Fraternal Love, which is being produced by JASH, the comedy network run by entertainment industry notables including Sarah Silverman, Michael Cera and Reggie Watts.